BigCommerce Wins Big in 2022 for B2B Ecommerce Solution

Industry expert Andy Hoar put platforms to the test — and BigCommerce scored a major victory, winning 9 medals overall, including gold for total cost of ownership and partner ecosystem. To see the official rankings in each category, download a copy of the 2021 Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition)

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A Must-Read Report for Midmarket B2B Ecommerce Decision Makers

Once again, BigCommerce has been invited to participate in the Paradigm B2B Combine, and this year the company has exceeded last years’ seven-medal victory in the Midmarket Edition by winning nine medals — two gold, three silver and four bronze.

“BigCommerce is particularly well-suited for midmarket B2B companies looking for a value-priced, partner-centric, multitenant SaaS ecommerce solution that leverages an extensive open application marketplace to deliver complementary functionality.” — Andy Hoar, Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm B2B

The Paradigm B2B Combine is modeled after the professional sports “combine” process that teams use to evaluate the capabilities of draft candidates across critical performance areas.

Rather than calculating overall rankings, Paradigm B2B evaluates and scores each B2B digital commerce solution across 10 categories to help ecommerce teams easily determine where and how a solution best meets their customer needs and aligns with their culture, technology stack and partner ecosystem.